Troubleshooting and Forensics

Architects, Consultants, Property Managers, Developers, and Building Engineers rely upon DeGeorge Glass for water leak investigations associated with existing glazed curtain walls, storefronts, and windows. In numerous instances the root cause for building leaks can be traced back to the age of the original material installation where products have simply outlived the original performance life expectancy of the materials involved. However, in far too many cases building leaks can be traced back to inadequate product applications, fabrication, or installation methods employed at the time of original installation.

DeGeorge Glass is equipped with industry specific test equipment to professionally evaluate the installed performance of glazed installations. The equipment and test methods employed by DeGeorge Glass are in accordance with established ASTM test methods and recommended practices. Via reasoned test methodology and sequencing of tests, our work discipline can serve to isolate likely areas of water infiltration. Depending on the product applications involved, installations can in some cases be repaired and retested to validate the effectiveness of the remedial work to mitigate water intrusion into a building.

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