Commercial Glass & Glazing

As a commercial glass and glazing subcontractor we focus on the job specific needs of any given project in accordance with specified architectural requirements. This includes responsibility for product design development, shop drawing preparation, engineering calculations, material fabrication, and installation of all materials per contract specifications. General contractors can rely on quality, on time completion of glass and glazing work scopes on virtually any type of commercial glass and metal installation.

Service & Maintenance

DeGeorge Glass also maintains a dedicated Service Department. Our Service Department supports the varied day-to-day needs of customers in the greater New Orleans area. Building Owners, Engineers, Developers, and Property Managers rely upon DeGeorge Glass for service support in accordance with their building maintenance and renovation requirements.

Architectural Design Support

DeGeorge Glass enjoys supporting Architects, Engineers, Consultants, and Designers with technical assistance in all phases of their project development work efforts. This support includes design development, product selection, structural analysis, specification writing, sample procurement, and budget assessments relevant to glass and glazing.

When incorporating glass and architectural aluminum components into any building design, the building envelope is both an aesthetic design opportunity and a technical challenge. Balancing design preferences with structural limitations, hurricane impact codes, waterproofing concerns, thermal demands, LEED objectives, and budget constraints are just some of the challenges facing Architects and Engineers.

Numerous design opportunities are available by utilizing standard product offerings from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Beyond those published standard products, there are frequently modified product designs and components that designers are not aware of. DeGeorge Glass listens carefully to an Architect’s design intent and preference when recommending product and material options. This can include custom design solutions and associated testing if warranted by the project’s design and performance requirements.

Troubleshooting & Forensics

Architects, Consultants, Property Managers, Developers, and Building Engineers rely upon DeGeorge Glass for water leak investigations associated with existing glazed curtain walls, storefronts, and windows. In numerous instances the root cause for building leaks can be traced back to the age of the original material installation where products have simply outlived the original performance life expectancy of the materials involved. However, in far too many cases building leaks can be traced back to inadequate product applications, fabrication, or installation methods employed at the time of original installation.

DeGeorge Glass is equipped with industry specific test equipment to professionally evaluate the installed performance of glazed installations. The equipment and test methods employed by DeGeorge Glass are in accordance with established ASTM test methods and recommended practices. Via reasoned test methodology and sequencing of tests, our work discipline can serve to isolate likely areas of water infiltration. Depending on the product applications involved, installations can in some cases be repaired and retested to validate the effectiveness of the remedial work to mitigate water intrusion into a building.